Cash Flow Budgeting Summary

We are now at the last leg of the Cashflow Series. By now, we are hoping you have found a budgeting technique that best suits you.

To get a brief preview, we have summarised the key points for Cashflow Budgeting:

We hope that over the last weeks, we have provided you with some insight as to the importance and value that good cashflow budgeting can provide you. Now, we are going to recap the key points that we have covered, so that you can have everything you need to get going to start your journey.

Over the last several weeks, we have covered a number of aspects to Cashflow Budgeting and Management, starting with the fact that most of us are aware that we should do it, but we don’t.

We discussed the power and control that you can gain for your financial future, by preparing and taking control of your budget whilst making some substantial and beneficial changes to your life; so you can have success and achieve financial freedom.

The importance of goals was something that we went over, and more importantly, how you go about achieving those goals and about the substantial improvements that having accountability partners can make in achieving your goals. Remember, by having a specific accountability appointment with a person you have committed to, you go all the way from as low as 10% to 95% chance of achieving your goals. Having the goal is not enough. You need to make it happen – plan it, execute it, and have some accountability in place.

Subsequently, we went on to show you why personal budgeting is brilliant, how it will help you see your financial direction, keep you on track, and even improve your attitude when you see your growing wealth! Do not let it pass you by and take control!

Finally, we showed you my favourite budgeting technique: The Zero-Sum Budget. It is an absolutely great strategy for formulating a budget and making sure you allocate all your money, and do not give yourself excuses for not achieving your goals. It helps you prioritise and focus on the most important things for your money.

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