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Cashflow Management

Everyone knows that they should be budgeting and managing their cash, but how many of us actually do it?

There is a lot of power to be gained over your financial future, by preparing and taking control of your budget. Better yet, if you start comparing your budget to your actual expenditure, you will get to know yourself better, and be able to make more educated and beneficial changes for your future.

A lot of us may have had some goals for 2019 that have already fallen by the way side, but all of us should have some financial goals. Did you know that just by having a goal, the probability of achieving that goal is only 10%? However, if you commit to someone that you will achieve your goal, you can increase that probability to 65%. Even better, if you have a specific Accountability appointment with a person you have committed to, you can increase it to 95%.

We want to help You, our Clients, succeed and achieve financial freedom. The first step is to ensure that you fully understand your budget. That is why we are doing this series to help you take control of your budget.

Owner of PCR Accounting & Advisory, Peter Marmara-Stewart is a top-tier accountant and financial advisor dedicated to helping clients reach their business goals and achieve financial freedom. Peter is highly regarded for his client-focused approach and entrepreneurial spirit, catering to a diverse range of professionals across a wide scope of industries all across the country. Peter’s expertise can help you plan effectively, set goals, maximise profits and protect your assets. Get in touch today on (03) 9847 7516.