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Doing the RIGHT things

Previously, I have mentioned about “Doing the RIGHT things”. The question is, what are the “RIGHT” things? To answer that, ask yourself these questions – What do you want to achieve? Where do you want to go? And lastly, what are your goals and aspirations?

Doing the RIGHT things is different for everyone because where they want to go is different. An example of this is the typical small business owner. Nowadays, people go into business for a variety of reasons, but two of them seem fairly common; lifestyle and money. These individuals want to make more money so they can fund a better lifestyle, but what happens with a lot of small business owners? They end up working harder but making less money OR they end up with more money but no time to enjoy it.

So, why does this happen? The answer is simple, they aren’t “doing the RIGHT things”. Most people get caught up in the day to day tasks of running and owning a business but only end up working IN the business rather than ON the business.

How do you fix it? Well, I’m sorry to say that there is no magic bullet. It requires you to take the first step of taking time for self-reflection. Here, at Preston Coe and Ring, we help small businesses achieve more than what they thought was possible. We help them “Live Life” and this starts with looking at where you are now and where you want to go. If you want to improve your business and take the first step to an improved lifestyle, contact our dedicated business advisors at PCR Accounting & Advisory today on 0398477516.

Owner of PCR Accounting & Advisory, Peter Marmara-Stewart is a top-tier accountant and financial advisor dedicated to helping clients reach their business goals and achieve financial freedom. Peter is highly regarded for his client-focused approach and entrepreneurial spirit, catering to a diverse range of professionals across a wide scope of industries all across the country. Peter’s expertise can help you plan effectively, set goals, maximise profits and protect your assets. Get in touch today on (03) 9847 7516.