Board Strategy Meetings

Team Work Makes the Dream Work

Board strategy meetings bring people together to provide you with strategic advice and guidance for the future of your business. While at times they may seem tedious, they can be highly valuable as they allow great minds from all facets of the business to bounce ideas and visions off of each other. This offers you further insight that you otherwise might not be able to receive working in the business for yourself. Here at PCR Accounting & Advisory, we can help host board strategy meetings for you.

—— The PCR team can help with

Our team of small business accountants can assist your company with:

  • Facilitating board strategy meetings
  • Identifying key areas to focus on
  • Assisting everyone in working collaboratively
  • Providing templates and agenda plans
  • Improving transparency and accountability
  • Aligning resources

Don’t let your ambitions down by missing business strategy meetings or planning them badly. Get it sorted today with our board strategy advisory services in Melbourne so you can feel in control and confident with the direction of your business.

Stop tearing your hair out year on year wondering where you’re going wrong or what to do next, simply get in touch with PCR Accounting & Advisory today and ask us how our business strategy advice sessions can take your business to the next level.

Board Strategy Meetings 101

  • A strategy is one thing but execution is what makes the difference between delivering value or not.
  • No matter what your planning, things can change, so a forum that allows a review of the business strategy and it’s execution is critical.
  • Knowing what you’re strategy meeting will be focused on in advance is important to staying on track. Time is precious, so having your team feel prepared and having appropriate time constraints in place for the agenda is the best way to avoid going off-topic.
Listen, don’t just talk
  • Be open to criticism and prepared that your ideas or plans won’t always be meet with unanimous agreement. Board strategy meetings are designed for equal import and provide a platform for leaders, employees and stakeholders to be involved in the business plan. Use it as an opportunity to listen and take recommendation on board, not just a space to voice your opinions. Don’t let your rank in the business disregard the opinion of others.
  • The best outcome is achieved through equal input from everyone within the meeting. Action doesn’t need to be taken on all suggestions, but opening the floor up to everyone and encouraging participation is the most effective way to receive relevant feedback and make everyone feel valued as part of the business.
Ask questions
  • You need to identify what is working well, what isn’t and how you can improve it. The best manner to facilitate a candid conversation is by reaching out and asking questions, which in turn invites an open discussion.

Bring Fresh Eyes to Your Business

Being in business can sometimes be a lonely process. There are a lot of people relying on you, and there are so many things for you to do.

Board strategy meetings help you get an A-Team around you to help you decide what you should be working through and to provide feedback on how you are doing and how you can improve the business. This can also be a great way to prepare for the annual general meeting (AGM).

We can help you conduct board strategy meetings that are:

  • Stress-free
  • Strategic
  • Beneficial

PCR can assist your board strategy meetings by:

Providing honest, no-nonsense advise and business strategy coaching
Assessing your finances and processes to create and achieve goals.
Working with you one-on-one to tailor a well-structured plan for the future.

The Right Support & Advice to Achieve Business Success

PCR’s team of business advisors can provide expert guidance in preparing and hosting board strategy meetings for your business. Experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have skilled and experienced professionals by your side on your business journey; contact PCR Accounting & Advisory today.

Owner of PCR Accounting & Advisory, Peter Marmara-Stewart is a SAPEPAA foundation member and accredited advisor specialising in strategic business advice, asset protection & structuring and cashflow maximisation. Click here to find out more.

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