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Give purpose to the numbers on the page with PCR’s tailored business management reports

Numbers are a second language, so if you don’t know it very well, you need an interpreter. If you want to grow your business, you need to have the right information at your disposal. Without it, you’re travelling blind. The key to this is good business management reports. Business management reporting is a way of giving your business a health check-up and making sure you are on track financially.

—Unlock your business potential

Business management reports give you the insights you need to:

  • Increase Efficiency
  • Boost Profitability
  • Remain Competetive

Having the right business intelligence reporting and accountability will see you achieve all your goals, which is why choosing the right accountant is so important. Here at PCR, we’re experts in developing relevant, tailored business reports and accounting advice, so get in contact with us today.

Having a business management report is extremely valuable when working with your accountant, as it allows us to help you decipher the meaning behind the numbers. This, combined with your knowledge and experience of the business, is a powerful tool to assess your operations and work out how and where to allocate the resources you have to grow your business and p.

Business Management Reports FAQ's

  • Pricing your goods/services correctly
  • Understanding your most profitable clients
  • Ensuring you have the cash to make payroll
  • Knowing your skill shortages and labour costs
  • Finding where to increase or decrease expenditure
  • Deciding where to put your marketing dollars
  • Working out where profits and losses are coming from
  • Creating a way to improve cash flow and business operations
  • Strategic goals and objectives
  • The right KPIs for your audience
  • Customer feedback
  • Staffing and labour overviews
  • Visuals, not just words
  • Financials and cash flow data
  • Client and stakeholder overviews
  • Sponsorships and partnerships overviews

Financial reports aren’t a holistic report of the business; they only provide information on the profitability and efficiency of a business unit.

A business management report delves below the surface of the financials to explore what the causation of specific issues are and establishes methods to tackle them.

Financial reports aren’t a foreign concept to business owners and have long been a way to look at numbers associated with your business. But these have been more of a legal requirement than a useful document, and therefore, fail to give much substance to decision-making.

Business management reporting is a separate report entirely to a financial report. Business intelligence reporting focuses on actionable insights and wider business-oriotepentated data.

The Benefits of Business Management Reporting

Business reporting is an essential piece of the financial and operational puzzle that allows you to have a holistic view of your business to see what is working and what might need improvement.

Just like a scoreboard in a footy match, keeping accounts tells you whether you’re winning (making a profit) or losing (making a loss). Without it, who is in front could be anyone’s guess. Need some direction with your finances? Explore our budget planning services.

Why Choose PCR Business Management Reports?

Are an honest, no nonsense advisory and coaching team who tell it like it is.
Help you build your business with detailed reporting and consulting to explain the numbers.
Work with you one-on-one to create relevant structures to meet your goals.

Get Your Business On Track with Accurate Reporting

Looking for a business analytics consultant to help you build a business management report for your operations? Simply get in touch with PCR Accounting & Advisory today and ask us how a dedicated PCR business analytics coach can assist you with business management reports.

Owner of PCR Accounting & Advisory, Peter Marmara-Stewart is a SAPEPAA foundation member and accredited advisor specialising in strategic business advice, asset protection & structuring and cashflow maximisation. Click here to find out more.

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