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Risk management is a term that gets thrown around a lot, but what actually is it? And how does it impact your business? Managing the risks associated with your finances is key, so should something go wrong, you have the correct legal and financial structures implemented to continue what you’ve spent your life building. Let PCR help you get the right structures in place to protect your business’ wealth.
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Our team provide top-quality risk
management consulting

We work with you to create customised risk management plans to protect your wealth and your business from external and internal forces.

You can’t afford to make mistakes when it comes to business asset protection because, in extreme cases, the cost can be your livelihood. As an accounting agency, we are a specialist asset protection company and are experts in creating the appropriate risk management structures for your business.

Effective risk management helps protect your precious assets

There is a lot of legal hoops to jump through when running a business, and poor risk management can leave you exposed, so turning to a professional risk management consulting company is the best way to be certain you’ve covered all your bases.

The short answer is… YOU! While being a business owner comes with many amazing rewards, it also means you’re responsible for all things – good and bad. You’re the primary business risk manager, so whether there has been an incident with a client, or a team member inadvertently did something wrong, it always falls on you.

The sad reality is that it’s wishful thinking to assume nobody will try to take advantage of, or disrupt your business. When something occurs it can be a shock both emotionally and financially, so preparedness is the best preventative measure you can have.

You wouldn’t jump into a creek full of crocs or put a gas bottle near an open flame, so don’t put your business in harm’s way either.

A quick guide to business asset protection:

1. Identify

Identify who the risk-takers are in the unit. Depending on your business set-up, it could be family, friends, staff, customers or particular stakeholders. 

2. Minimise

Minimise risk-taker’s access and/or responsibility to your assets. This is where good legal structures will come into to play.

3. Separate

Separate your trading entities from your asset entities. Have a trading entity that does your business trading and an asset entity that holds your assets.

Why PCR enterprise risk management consulting stands out:

 We are an honest, no nonsense advisory and coaching team who tell it like it is.

We help you minimise risks and protect assets so you can focus on building your business without the worry.

 We work with you one-on-one to tailor a risk management plan with relevant structures.

Don’t let your ambitions down with poor risk management. Implement a strategy to protect your assets today so you can feel in control and confident moving into the future.
Get in touch with PCR Accounting & Advisory today to chat about our risk management solutions and see how one of our risk management consultants can help protect and build your business.

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