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Uncomplicate tax returns with PCR's business tax return accountants

Every year, businesses and individuals alike embark on the stressful journey of lodging their tax return, but the reality is, it’s a mole hill many are unnecessarily turning in to a mountain. The humble company tax return is our bread and butter as accountants, but it is also the beginning of getting to the heart of your business and its financial affairs, which should be YOUR bread and butter.
—— Ease the pressure of tax time

Do tax returns make you feel:


Worry not! Here at PCR, our team of tax return heroes have come to the rescue.

Lodging an accurate company tax return:

Whether you’ve owned your own business for years or are just starting out, reporting your business’ taxable income, tax offsets and credits on time, is essential to avoiding late lodgement fees and working out the amount of tax you are liable to pay or that is refundable.

Company and personal tax returns are what you might describe as ‘same same but different’ because while a lot of it is the same, there are some specific requirements unique to each that might take you by surprise if you’re unprepared.

If you aren’t compliant as a business (including us), it can have severe repercussions. So here at PCR, we take the time to ensure that when we complete company tax returns, not only are we compliant, but we have also maximised the benefit to our clients.

Don’t make the mistake of just hoping what you’ve lodged is correct or that you’ve got everything you need – KNOW. Our business know-how and financial acumen means you don’t have to guess. Instead, you can see what, where, when and how it’s done.

No, not from your neighbour- a professional! Even the most experienced business owners can struggle with tax returns, so it’s important to have a professional accountant for tax returns help you through it, but not just anyone will do. We are the accountant of choice when it comes to choosing a tax return agent for your business.

No need for cashies here!

The truth is, you shouldn’t be bitterly disappointed or pleasantly surprised about the outcome of your business tax return – you should already have a clear idea of what the result is going to be before you get it back.
Whether you’re a start-up, an experienced business owner, or an entrepreneur juggling multiple businesses, lodging a corporate tax return can be stressful.
Don’t ‘hope it’s right’ or ‘wait and see’
KNOW what you owe or can expect to receive back

Why choose PCR as your accountant for tax returns?

We are an honest, no nonsense advisory and coaching team who tell it like it is.

We help you to maximise the benefits you can gain from your tax return LEGALLY.

We work with you to strategise a tax plan for business growth and better profits.

Don’t let your ambitions down with a poor approach to your tax. Get it sorted today so you can feel in control and confident.
Simply get in touch with PCR Accounting & Advisory today and ask us how our business tax return services can take your business to the next level.

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