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Here at PCR, we pride ourselves on being an honest and caring team of profit drivers and growth strategists that help our clients succeed, but we firmly believe they shouldn’t have to study a degree in accounting to be able to understand and manage their business- that’s our job.

This digital era has seen businesses adapt, mobilise and grow to remain profitable, but it’s not always easy to move with the times. That’s where the Xero accounting system comes in. For Xero accounting in Melbourne, choose PCR as your Xero accountant. We’re serious about saving time and money, so speak to us today.

—— What’s Xero accounting?

It’s not a character from Star Wars if that’s what you’re wondering:

It’s a new generation of cloud-based accounting software!

Xero accounting software is a world-first in the business accounting market. It’s a full service, revolutionary, user-friendly tool that has been designed to streamline your business into a well-oiled machine that is both easier to manage and more profitable. Our team of Xero accountants and business advisory experts are dedicated to ensuring a smooth process for small business accounting through the Xero experience and to helping you achieve your financial goals.

Xero Accountant FAQ's


  • Compatible for all businesses
    OK, perhaps those under the age of 12 might struggle, but if you’re a start-up, savvy business professional or seasoned entrepreneur, then it’s a perfect solution for you!
  • A fresh way to manage finances
    You may never have had a tool to manage your accounts, or perhaps you’re looking to transition out of an old system into a more streamline one. Whatever the case, Xero accounting will get the job done.

Well, in essence, you get WAY more visibility of your business.

  • Complete transparency & better control
    You can have complete transparency with your business’ data, gain better control over your cash flow and finally move on from stockpiling paper trails in your office.
  • Time management
    Stop wasting time chasing up who owes you what, and let a Xero accountant do it for you!

For starters, it’s not a clunky piece of software; it fits straight in your pocket!

  • Affordable &  integrated
    Xero bookkeeping is designed for small, medium and big business owners and it’s got a range of affordable payment options. It also allows up to 500 apps to integrate with it for an entirely customised experience.
  • Accurate & reliable
    It’s an accurate and safe way to access, share and manage your data and details with unlimited user capacity.

Go from zero to hero with a Xero accountant from PCR

You can manage and monitor your whole business with the help of our Xero accountants in Melbourne!

Manage pay slips and purchase orders
Run reports
Import and categorise bank transactions
Monitor your business’ health with easy-to read charts and figures
Store contacts
Track projects, stock and inventory
Create quotes
Set up automated reminders for tasks such as chasing up payments
Pay staff and invoices
With Xero accounting services, you even get the added benefits of multi-currency functionality, so you don’t have to stress about managing international clients!

Why we love Xero bookkeeping:


It’s accessible
Access your accounts on any device, at anytime, anywhere in the world, with unlimited users. Share with your team and collaborate in real time with your advisors and xero partners.


It’s flexible.
There’s pricing plans to suit everyone, with options such as no lock in contracts and pay as you go, available.


It’s integrated.
Integrate over 500 applications into Xero to create a solution tailored to your business’ needs.


It’s connected.
Connect and manage cashflow, payroll, projects and inventory. Don’t worry, your data and details are safe and secure.


It’s simple.
You don’t have to be a bookkeeper or accountant to get your head around Xero, it’s designed for anyone to use. There’s 24/7 support and no installations or updates needed.

Keeping your accounts is like keeping score in any sporting game, you can’t win if you’re not recording the scores right, so think of yourself as the player and us as the referee; it’s not the most attractive job on the field, but it is necessary. Need more help with your finances? We offer dedicated budget planning for businesses! 
If you want to give your business the entrepreneurial edge, get in touch with PCR Accounting & Advisory today and ask us how our Xero certified advisors can take your business to the next level with the Xero accounting package.
If you want to give your business the entrepreneurial edge, get in touch with PCR Accounting & Advisory today and ask us how our Xero certified advisors can take your business to the next level with the Xero accounting package.

What our clients say!

“Using Xero has been the best decision for my work, and it is so easy to use. Thanks to the Team at PCR for their skill and knowledge in setting it up for me and showing me how to use it. I really appreciate the time they put into getting it organised so quickly”

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