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Steps to Financial Freedom

I remember at a swimming carnival at the start of the year, we decided that we needed to get food but because there was a music festival on; Caspian and I should walk rather than drive to the supermarket.

So walk we did, a total of 4.7km’s there and back to the supermarket to get some food. Caspian is only 3 and a half so it was a long walk for him. Coaching him and seeing him make the full distance made me realise that the journey to financial freedom isn’t so different to Caspian’s walk to the supermarket and back.

I knew where Caspian and I had to go and what was required to do it. I knew Caspian would find it hard at some point and would require some guidance and coaching along the way. People want financial freedom and have an idea of where they want to be; but they need to get someone to help them with the directions to get there. During the journey they will need guidance, coaching and support as it is a long journey.

I used a few methods of getting Caspian to keep up and make it to the end. The first one was, “Every step you take is a step closer to the pool”. So it is the same with reaching your financial goals. People sometimes think it is just one big win that will get you there. It isn’t, it is a journey and you need to take steps. Getting good advice is just about getting guidance on what steps to take so you don’t take bad ones and go backwards. That way every step you take is a step closer to financial freedom.

The last method I got to get Caspian to make it to the end played on his desire to always win. I would say “Do you want to win?”, he would respond “Yes” and I would say “Then get in front and stay there”. We made it to our destination.

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