Jim Sutton

Client Relationship Manager


Jim joined the team in late 2023, bringing a wealth of experience with him. For 15 years, he has added value to a variety of organisations across a diverse range of industries and is excited to be working with the dynamic team at PCR.

Always looking to draw in wisdom and insight from new arenas, Jim consistently drives innovation to help clients pursue their goals.

“I love finding out about the deep stories of clients and journeying with them. It gives me a real kick, enabling others to open up whole new worlds of experience and opportunity.”

As a transplant from the UK, beyond work, Jim can be found exploring the Victorian coastline with his young family or seeking out the best local coffee.

About Me:

Favourite Movie: I think I could watch Top Gun every day of my life and not get sick of it

Favourite Food: Aussie Pie or Thai Curry

Favourite Animal: Dolphin

Chosen Super Power: To be able to find lost children’s toys – is there a word for that?