John Calway

Client Services Manager

John has been with the team since 2008. He holds a Bachelor of Business & Commerce, is a fully qualified CPA, and recently earned his Diploma of Financial Planning. In addition to managing Client Services, John oversees the Tax Lodgment Program.

An organisational beast, John makes sure things get done, coordinating and managing the workflow to ensure clients get the best possible service and outcomes. His fun-loving attitude, quick wit (and whip-cracking), makes our jobs so much easier.

“I am passionate about helping clients achieve their goals. I don’t really think I choose my career, I think it chose me (drops mic)”

In his leisure time, John enjoys being outdoors and spending time with his family.

About Me:

Favourite Movie: Not a big movie guy, but I follow soccer and the F1’s.

Favourite Food: Anything Italian. Pizza, Pasta, Lasagne, Risotto, Focaccia; I don’t discriminate when it comes to fantastic food.

Favourite Animal: Dog

Chosen Super Power: Healing or Teleportation